Vive Process Intelligence-AI/Process Mining/RPA/BI

Advanced BI and Analytics

Convergence of AI, Process Mining, RPA, & BI. Driving business process productivity up & costs down.

Driving the Convergence of AI, Process Mining, RPA, & BI.

ABIA's VIVE Process Intelligence Platform delivers the business process productivity increases & cost reductions that the new normal demands.

VIVE's Process Intelligence Platform addresses the issue of Application Silos like Process Mining, RPA, and BI often from disparate suppliers that need to work together but don't.  ABIA's Intelligent Process Automation Platform has Process Mining & BI modules and is capable of integrating to our Partner's RPA or RPA at the customer as well as other BI applications.  Future features coming in the roadmap includes AI to further drive the integration of these application silos and enhance their intelligence.

Our Process Mining includes Automated Process Discovery & Mapping features allowing the user to visualize processes whether already automated or not.  Allowing for deeper visibility into these processes to find bottlenecks & inefficiencies to then drive cost reductions thru process improvement/enhancement.  It then can hand off to an RPA module to Automate the Process.  A key feature allows side by side visualization of the existing process to potentially enhanced processes, or multiple digital twinning of processes to run What-Ifs to evaluate potential process improvements & streamlining enhancements.

Beyond that is the power, speed and ability of our application to handle far more complex Business Processes and far more Extensive Datalakes than the current market leaders.  We were already extremely strong in this area as we hit the datalake directly instead of being built on XML which inherently slows down competing applications on the market and reduces their ability to deal with complex processes and vast datalakes.  Now we have the ability to go even beyond that w/ our embracing of Multi-Dimensional Processing, with this we'll be able to process hundred of millions of records in seconds, where the existing players in the marketplace will struggle to handle that volume of data if at all.

VIVE's Process Intelligence Platform is a cross industry domain application addressing Retail, Mfring, Healthcare, Finance, Oil/Gas.Energy, Smart Cities, Government, DoD etc.  Within the industries we address all the usual business processes, including supply chain, logistics, and other business processes addressed by traditional RPA.

The customer can access a free trial, and at any time during or after the trial can purchase an annual subscription directly from ABIA.

Vive Process Intelligence is an end to end solution helps in achieving true Operational Excellence, by providing what the data means in the context of organization’s Business Processes and Goals.  
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