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eHRM - a comprehensive information support for human resources management

General overview

Build a team who can handle challenges of the future. eHRM is a human resource solution that fully supports the work with your employees. It combines human resources processes, employees and technology in one place, thus providing effective support in managing and developing employees and as a consequence a competitive edge in the market.

eHRM enables HR departments to significantly reduce the time for administrative tasks, thus devoting itself to the strategic value-added personnel projects. It can effectively assist in timely business decision-making - managers have up-to-date personnel information - anywhere, anytime.

The solution contains several key content modules that consist of a set of functionalities. Modular architecture allows to gradually select and deploy it (module per module) according to the subscriber's content needs, time and financial resources. eHRM encompasses:

  • Personnel records
  • Staffing
  • Onboarding
  • Performance management
  • Rewarding
  • Training
  • Carrer and succession

Technical model overview

eHRM solution is fully SaaS and supports multi-tenant or single-tenant deployments. Multitenant is the most cost-effective solution. It uses shared infrastructure and is suitable for small to medium sized organizations.

Single tenant deployment provides full tenant separation on a dedicated infrastructure. It is recommended solution for large organizations.

Tenant provisioning is done upon request. License is activated according to the desired modules and number of employees. eHRM already supports most HR processes out-of-the box and as such can be used without any customizations. However, for more advanced use scenarios or individual customer requirements, we offer support in a form of fit gap analysis and additional product customizations.

Pricing and billing

eHRM solution consists of 7 independent modules, which are seamlessly integrated or can stand alone and can be integrated with third party providers. Subscription is defined according to the number of selected modules and the number of employees that we want to engage in the content of selected module.

Solution is available on a monthly billing subscription. It can be customized by customer needs for an additional payment.

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