Alegion Data Labeling and Annotation Platform

Alegion, Inc.

The only labeling platform built to handle the most complex machine learning challenges

Alegion Data Labeling and Annotation Platform

Using machine learning to solve complex business problems requires massive volumes of training data that is accurately labeled and annotated in the context of the problem space. Maintaining that quality at scale traditionally has been a challenge, especially with sophisticated enterprise use cases.

Alegion provides a complete, fully-managed training data solution, with a true data annotation platform, a scalable trained workforce, and a team of ML project management experts.

The Alegion data annotation platform’s flexibility and configurability make it suited for challenging and sophisticated ML use cases in Computer Vision, NLP, and Entity Resolution that other platforms can’t handle.

The platform’s patent pending integrated ML increases workforce efficiency and reduces labor costs over the duration of every project.

Alegion’s team brings proven methodologies to your project, by which we optimize our platform deployment and workforce management for your unique use case.

"Alegion's annotation tools, machine learning assistance, and quality control strategies have greatly improved confidence in our AI initiatives."
- Chief Commercial Officer, Insurance Auto Auctions, Inc.

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