Smart Connected Worker

bởi Avnet Inc.

Harness the power of IoTConnect to gain real-time visibility into worker health and safety

Avnet’s Smart Connected Worker IoT SaaS solution helps improve worker safety in manufacturing plants, refineries, mining operations, power generation facilities and all kinds of industrial sites through the use of intelligent sensors, safety vests and specialized wearables. Benefits include: Increased worker safety Generate new intelligence insights Greater decision-support functionality Meet federal safety standards Revolutionize the industrial workplace Monitor the worker’s vital signs Increased worker safety Reduce accident rate with wearables Reports for the supervisor on any device Prescriptive analytics Enables preventive measures Alerts when safety is compromised Analyzes information from multiple sensors Compliance-friendly Detects hazardous conditions Improved regulatory adherence Collects, stores data for compliance checks In-field worker communications Non-verbal gesture communication Access to information in hazardous environments Enhanced data visibility between workers, systems, and sensors

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