Bastion 365

bởi Bastion 365

Bastion 365 Secure Email and Secure File Share

With Bastion 365 we make your Microsoft 365 email compliant with the Dutch NTA 7516 regulation which is mandatory for all professionals processing healthcare information and messaging in the Legal & Justice sector

Sharing confidential personal data requires the utmost care. The exchange of confidential patient information often involves many administrative actions and you send or receive the data in hard copy. That can be very time consuming. With Bastion 365 you can easily and securely email patient data from your Microsoft 365 to your colleagues, other healthcare providers or patients.

Bastion 365 is integrated into your Microsoft 365 without plug-ins. You work from your trusted environment and send and receive e-mails just as before, but then securely & fully compliant with local EU regulations.

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