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IndiVideo - The Interactive Personalized Video Platform

Customer expectations have transformed how brands create digital engagement. Meet the challenge with IndiVideo by BlueRush. Create a memorable experience, simplify complex products and ensure immediate relevancy using BlueRush’s Interactive Personalized Video Platform, IndiVideo.

Building on over 10 years of experience creating engaging digital journeys for the world’s most innovative financial institutions, BlueRush created IndiVideo, a content experience designed to engage customers through visual storytelling. Personalized videos motivate customer action and drive conversions.

Additionally, IndiVideo allows clients to greatly enhance their use of data. Third party data sources and customer data can filter through IndiVideo for intelligent video production, and subsequently, customer interactions with their personalized video are captured for data analysis for deeper customer understanding. By using data in this way, IndiVideo can serve up more enticing offers contextualized to each customer and significantly alter the video path to provide a more compelling narrative optimized to retain that customer.

The result for IndiVideo clients:

- a seamless customer journey and improved conversion rate for enhanced ROI,

- a phenomenal “know me” customer experience using cutting-edge personalization technology and third-party data sources,

- higher levels of customer engagement and satisfaction for increased up/cross-sell revenue

- the collection of valuable data-driven customer insights within an aggregate reporting ecosystem. IndiVideo ensures a unified customer journey from initial attraction to retention. Increase conversions and decrease funnel abandonment at every stage of your customers’ journey with IndiVideo. IndiVideo’s proprietary technology is built to scale cost-effectively and can be deployed behind your firewall with no compromise to data security.

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