bởi Classera

Smart features that gives you better learning experience.

Classera stands with a mission to revolutionize the e-learning ecosystem all over the world, focusing on developing smart e-learning solutions, we are passionate about maintaining a sustainable engagement and motivation cycle for students everywhere. We wanted to leave a greater impact on the education ecosystem. Classera distinguishes itself in two main aspects. First, engagement, where Classera has capitalized on two main strategies: gamification and network effect. Gamification helps to make the learning process more exciting and rewarding, while network effect compliments the equation by adding the challenge aspect to engage students from all different regions. The second differentiator is Classera’s take on personalized learning. At Classera, personalized learning environments are of a top priority. Isn’t it time we break the cycle for “mass” education? In Classera’s platform, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are deployed together to offer a real personalized learning based on students’ strengths, shortcomings, and preferences.

The disruption that Classera is making in the space has stimulated movement in tech companies to seek out partnerships. Intel, Microsoft, and other ‘success’ partners have already started working with Classera in many projects, to the advantage of both parties. Classera is very aggressive when it comes to business development; while giving back to society is an undeniable priority. Recently, Classera has launched a CSR program that is designed and targeted to help students living in war or conflict zones; giving them access to top-tier virtual schools with the full experience of attending school, but in a virtual, Classera world.

Classera solutions offer more than 25 main services/modules:

  • Learning Management System
  • Student Information System
  • Student Behaviour Management System
  • Advanced Student Attendance Management
  • Social Learning
  • Adaptive Learning(Smart Mate)
  • Virtual Classrooms
  • Bursar System
  • Assessment System
  • Surveys & Evaluations
  • Grade Book System
  • Messaging System
  • System Intelligence & BI
  • Gamification & Loyalty Program(Classera Inspire)
  • E-Certificate
  • Training Management
  • E-Portfolio & Public Profiles
  • Announcements
  • Classera Forms
  • Clinic Management
  • Voice Commands
  • Timetable Generator
  • Student Tracking System
  • Student Calling
  • Support Ticketing System
  • Instant Notification

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