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Supply Chain Digital Visibility Platform - continuous visibility and intelligence.

The Cloudleaf Cold Chain Logistics solution provides continuous visibility and intelligence into the context, condition, timing and location of live-saving medicines and critical supplies. Where cold chain tracking is critical, Cloudleaf’s predictive capabilities, product tracking and alerts enables preventive action and the safe delivery of medicine and supplies.

 Cloudleaf enables:

·       Accurate inventory and current location of critical assets

·       Multi-dimensional condition (temperature, humidity, shock, vibration, etc) tracking and real time alerts to ensure asset integrity

·       Simplified audit and regulatory compliance

·       Shipment planning and management

·       ETA predictions with real-time updates

·       Chain of custody reporting 

Cloudleaf offers multiple advantages:

·      Ingest, Analyze and Harmonize Massive Data Streams: Cloudleaf brings together data from a multitude of sources, including edge sensors, in real time from across the supply chain to eliminate data silos and provide a current, complete view of your supply chain.

·      A Single Source of Truth, Based on Real-time Insights: We bring together location, condition, context and time status of products and assets while integrating and enhancing legacy systems of record.  With one source of information and insights you can prevent expensive recalls, loss of materials, missed SLAs and compliance infractions and protect brand reputation.

·      Bring Together Indoor and In-transit Seamlessly: By leveraging one platform and one source of data, indoor and in-transit teams increase collaboration across internal and external stakeholders.

·      Flexible, Fast Deployment: Cloudleaf’s cloud-based SaaS solution is easy and fast to install. Our API-based platform facilitates faster integration with 3rd party systems and works with the legacy systems and sensor devices you have already invested in while also supporting the best new IoT devices to digitize your supply chain. 

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