Retail loyalty app - A well tested solution for retail by retail

Loop by Coop's software as a service allows retailers to interact with customers on a digital platform. The product is aimed at FMGC retailers that want to increase their digital presence and maintain relevant by offering personalized offers and elements of gamification that have proven to increase store traffic.

The app itself can be customized to reflect the retailers visual identity for the selected banners.

Behind Loop is Coop Denmark. Coop is on of the leading consumer goods retailer in northern Europe with more than 1.200 stores across Denmark.

The solution is azure based and will allow retailers to get a quick access to well tested features like: Vouchers, personal bonus accumulation, Personal offers, Games & Gifts, Receipt, Stamps, App Payment, Local stores communication, Scan & Go mobile, Scan & Go tablet, Food Account, Shopping list, Partner API.


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