Serialization for the Supply Chain

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Digimarc provides unique, serialized identities to support brand traceability and protection

Serialized Packaging Delivers Visibility Across The Supply Chain 

Product traceability across the global supply chain is increasingly essential for consumer brands and enterprises to promote consumer safety, mitigate risk and gain real-time insight into product locations in warehouses and distribution centers. Digimarc for packaging supports these business needs with batch-lot and item-level traceability by applying serialized or custom identifiers and additional data, to product packaging with variable data printing (VDP).

The Digimarc Platform supports the creation, quality control and detection of Digmarc's unique code which is used to create the digital identities for media objects and facilitate greater visibility in the supply chain.  The heart of our platform is Digimarc's code, an imperceptible digital identity repeated across virtually any physical or digital assets (i.e. primary, secondary packaging, thermal labels, digital media).  These Digimarc enhanced assets are then accurately and efficiently scanned by handheld, mobile and inspection devices. Digimarc's code can be either overt or covert in nature making it ideally suited for protecting brands from counterfeiters and product diversion.


Mitigate Risk - In combination with IoT Management Platforms, Digimarc allows customers to pinpoint the progress of products through the supply chain and distribution process. Digimarc-powered traceability helps communicate when and where products were produced and distributed, and limit legal and economic exposure during product recalls. Likewise, Digimarc along with IoT Management Platforms enables brand protection reducing the financial and social impact on your brand.

Scanning - Because of repetition and massive error correction — unlike DataMatrix and QR codes — Digimarc delivers data that is redundantly applied across the entire product package or label, dramatically increasing scanning speed and success rates where other codes might be misprinted, damaged or otherwise unreadable. And, studies show Digimarc can be scanned 34% faster than QR codes for time savings at every step in the supply chain.

Reduce Costs - Compared with traditional UPC/EAN barcodes, DataMatrix or QR codes, Digimarc requires significantly less ink to deliver the same — in some cases even more — data on product labels. The substantial reduction in ink usage, by as much as 69 percent over DataMatrix, delivers meaningful savings on ink costs when producing millions of labels annually.

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