Q-tainer - 5G and Edge Computing Solution

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Q-tainer: Digitize your construction site with EDGE computing and 5G connectivity

With the Q-tainer, the Rhomberg Group and Datwyler IT Infra AG bring digitalization to the construction site.

The 20-foot container is a mobile EDGE data center that allows you to analyze and evaluate data and video streams on site as quickly as possible and without high latency. It brings security to your construction site through sophisticated video analytics and other security technologies. To achieve this, it combines the benefits and power of Azure Stack Edge, Azure and Azure 5G Core. With the Q-tainer, we combine mobility, private 5G and EDGE computing power in a mobile container.

To connect all the video cameras and sensors you need, we deploy a private 5G wireless network on your construction site, providing excellent coverage and seamless integration. The generated data is streamed to the Q-tainer via this secure and, high performance 5G RAN. With this configuration, large amounts of data can be processed directly on-site.

The Q-tainer can cover many different use cases. For example, with video analytics, we can ensure that all construction workers are wearing helmets. We can track the routes of heavy machinery or measure the working time and distance traveled by construction machines. We can also use video analytics to detect material theft and determine the location or amount of material on the construction site. In addition, we can use drones to create 3D models of the construction site and determine volume measurements and construction progress.

The Q-tainer is a modular system with a variety of cameras and sensors, 5G or WiFi access and radio transmission devices, and Edge Core and Azure Stack from Microsoft. The RAN and computing devices are securely housed, cooled and powered in a Datwyler Mini DC in the Q-tainer. Service level agreements and IT operating agreements are available.

Don't miss out on the benefits of the Q-tainer - contact us today to learn more!

We can advise you on how to best use the Q-tainer for your site and what services, such as Power BI, Microsoft 365, or other Microsoft services, you can implement in your organization to leverage the data we can generate for you in the Q-tainer.

In addition, we will show you which use cases could be interesting and relevant for you and what advantage Azure and the EDGE processing on the Azure Stack EDGE in the Q-tainer offer you.

Our consulting services also include the planning of the RAN network on site, the optimal location for the Q-tainer and the optimal integration of the data for your site.

We will focus on the following areas during an initial consultation:

  • Location and conditions of the construction site.
  • Azure 5G Core implementation
  • Type and amount of data collection required
  • Required sensor technology such as Azure Percept
  • Use cases for deployment
  • Microsoft services to be deployed
  • Connection to Microsoft services

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