Epiq Chat Connector for Microsoft Teams

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Connect your Microsoft Teams deployment with your compliance and eDiscovery processes.

Epiq’s Chat Connector for Microsoft Teams builds on existing Microsoft Purview and eDiscovery Premium functionality to provide legal teams the context they need to assess Teams data for relevant and privileged content. The Chat Connector provides the context needed by:

  • Grouping message threads together for one-on-one, group chats, and channel chats.
  • Allowing filtering by date ranges while preserving the message and attachment relationships and sub-replies.
  • PDF output with the same look and feel as the Teams application, as well as an eDiscovery load-file.
  • Identifies edited messages and the time of the edit

During the built-in Teams export process, files attached to a Teams message are represented as a modern attachment, which is a hyperlink to the attachment stored on SharePoint or OneDrive. The attachment is not embedded or exported with the Teams message. Epiq’s Chat Connector overcomes this challenge by:

  • Identifying and collecting modern attachments from wherever they may exist in the SharePoint or OneDrive environments and associating them with the Teams messages.
  • The tool also compares the communication date of the Team chat to the version history of each file to associate the version shared at that point in time.

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