Epiq Data Security Managed Service

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Protect sensitive company data while prioritizing employee privacy with Microsoft Purview

Safeguard your organization's sensitive data against insider threats, including accidental leaks, negligence, and intentional breaches. Work with experts for tailored setup and ongoing administration of Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and Data Loss Prevention, utilizing AI for automatic detection, assessment, and risk mitigation. Enhance your security posture with visibility, streamlined investigations, and protection policies that dynamically adjust to evolving threats.

Maintain employee trust by ensuring data privacy and adhering to global compliance regulations. Enable your team to focus on primary activities by offloading 24/7 analysis and support to Data Security Specialists.

Gain assurance by working with Epiq, as the 2023 Microsoft Global Compliance Partner of the Year, we are recognized and trusted for our specialized focus on Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management and Microsoft Purview Data Loss Prevention solutions.

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