EY DigiLiM+™

bởi EY Global

A dynamic digital tax lifecycle management solution

Solution overview:

EY DigiLiM+™ is an interactive tax lifecycle platform covering tax litigation and compliance management. It contains leading-edge features to help keep pace with the evolving needs of your business. The key functionalities of the solution are:

•Timely and relevant updates, supported by Taxsutra, on topics specific to your organizational needs and interests to substantially save your research time
•Smart notice tracking and submission handling feature assists with the faceless assessments regime
•Assessment questions predictor offers data analytics-supported insights for effective decision-making and proactive readiness for queries likely to be raised by the tax department in faceless assessments
•Computational capabilities for income-tax and interest across the tax life cycle, and built-in controls to support higher accuracy and efficiency
•Facilitator for remote working by offering a repository of tax data and a tracker for tax tasks and workflows, in addition to smart dashboards for enhanced control

•Seamless integration with other EY digital solutions to help maintain consistency across filings by using a single data source and aligning the tasks to be performed under different legislations
Solution benefits:
•Institutionalizes knowledge
•Functions as legislation agnostic
•Aids team collaboration, team conversations, escalations and timely alerts
•Helps in planning and risk management
•Offers intuitive and expansive dashboards

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