Fastpath Azure AD Identity Governance Integration

bởi Fastpath Solutions, LLC

Fastpath provides granular level analysis of user risk before provisioning users to business systems

Fastpath’s Access Risk Monitor (ARM) looks across a company’s Azure AD environment to identify sensitive user access risks before users are provisioned. Fastpath looks deep into the access granted by access packages within Entitlement Management and identifies potential Separation of Duties (SoD) and other access violations within and across multiple business applications at the securable-object level.

Fastpath’s granular access reporting can be incorporated into automated provisioning workflows, access reviews, and access certifications. Fastpath provides out of the box integrations to over twenty business applications, from ERP to CRM and HCM applications. More and more, analyzing these types of access risks across business applications are scrutinized by internal and external auditors and regulatory bodies.

Fastpath adds granular access risk analysis to Azure AD Identity Governance’s automatic account provisioning and deprovisioning, conditional access controls, access reviews, entitlement management, compliance policies, and more. This analysis provides:

  • Evaluation to the lowest possible security object – Fastpath provides granular analysis around SOD for access packages and access reviews and certifications
  • Improved security – Identifies more potential access risks as part of Entitlement Management’s SOD check
  • Control – The combination of Microsoft and Fastpath lets resource owners and administrators define more targeted access policies

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