Cross-sector infrastructure-free indoor positioning solution f...


Positioning system through mobile sensors: no need to setup any infrastructure in buildings.

Find & Order provides operators in large buildings with its solution to facilitate orientation, asset tracking and to provide insightful location-based analytics.
It is used to optimize professional operations (BtoB) and visitor orientation (BtoBtoC).

The solution includes:
  • a 3D and an augmented reality display,
  • with a GPS-like feature which works without infrastructure on site (no RFID, no beacons, no wifi).

Our markets and use cases:
  • Retail: picking optimization in stores, customer orientation, dynamic merchandising 
  • Supply chain: picking optimization in warehouses
  • Healthcare: visitor orientation, asset tracking
  • Facility management: operator orientation, reporting with geolocalized content
  • Real estate: visitor orientation
  • Events: visitor orientation
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