Incident Response Solution for Microsoft Teams

bởi Frameable Inc

Incident response management tools built for remote and hybrid teams.

Frameable Core recreates the feeling and efficiency of being in the same room, making your remote or hybrid incident response workflows smoother than ever in Microsoft Teams.

When a critical incident arises, your team needs modern tools to strategize, share findings, data and insights, and communicate in real time. Frameable Core enables your incident response team to quickly gather and collaborate on resolving the issues at hand. Our comprehensive IR solution increases efficiency and maximizes productivity by bridging the gap of distributed workforces.

Incident Response Teams using Frameable Core say:

“Frameable Core's tools have been a great addition to our virtual command center giving us the ability to feel like we're tackling complex challenges in person” – William, IT Manager

Key Features for Virtual Incident Management:

  • Multiple screen share: Allow multiple teammates to share screens simultaneously, making it easier to diagnose and resolve issues quickly.

  • Efficient communication: Stay on top of all urgent communications with an at-a-glance view of chats, channels, meetings, and more.

  • Breakout into teams: Aggregate into smaller groups to tackle different parts of the resolution all while staying visible to the whole team.

  • Track progress: Use a digital whiteboard to manage and collaborate on progress.

Learn more about Frameable Core by visiting our website.

Frameable Core requires a monthly subscription.

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