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Xero Custom Connector by FreshBI

Xero is a bookkeeping suite for Small to Mid-Size businesses. It does a lot of the hard work for you, at a decent price. It’s good at what it does and but does not play well with PowerBI until today. The current PowerBI App for Xero, by Xero is lacking for content creators that want to make complex reports, create custom measures, or understand the underlying data structure.
We’re hoping to change that for you with this custom connector.

What does the Xero Custom Connector allow?

Custom Measures:

Sometimes you just need to report on YOUR financials YOUR way. By using this Custom Connector, you can leverage all the Power of PowerBI! This means custom measures, custom columns and custom relationships.

Direct Integrations:

This custom connector allows you to integrate your Xero data with ANY other dataset. No more warehousing, no more refresh latency and no more canned reporting. You integrate with your data. All of your data.


A feature of the Xero authentication process is that multi company Xero Consolidations is possible. If you have ONE account connected to multiple Xero entities, you can combine them all together for comprehensive consolidated reporting.

Scheduled Refresh:

No more manual refreshes. Get on-time refresh cycles and automatic failure notifications straight to your inbox. Configure your gateway one time and let it refresh for you behind the scenes. Set it and forget it.

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