Glance for Financial Services

Glance Networks

Bankers can join the customer in the app or website to guide, sell, or deliver consultation

Glance allows service reps, bankers, loan officers, or wealth managers to join the customer in the app or website to deliver human-to-human guidance. 

  • Show the friendly face of the banker in an in-app video chat session to deliver expert consultation or proposals. 
  • See what the customer is seeing on screen and guide their navigation to help customers find the info they need or complete the transaction. 
  • The Glance Guided CX collaborative experience is an embedded service you add to your existing website or app. No need to rebuild, rip or replace.
  • Glance is integrated with your CRM or banking platform, making it push-button simple for the banker to launch a collaboration session and for the session to be automatically logged, for a 360-degree view of customer activity.
  • Glance works on any desktop computer or mobile device. 
  • Glance is engineered for enterprise security and privacy compliance. The Glance service features encryption, enables masking of sensitive data, never uses proxy servers, and supports enterprise-class SAML/SSO.
Glance is proven to drive higher transaction conversion, sales, customer satisfaction, trust, and brand loyalty.
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