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Engage for Equipment Dealers

Hitachi Solutions

Bring Your Dealership into the 21st Century to Improve Sales & Service Operations

Hitachi Solutions Engage for Equipment Dealers

Engage for Equipment Dealers is an easy, cost-effective way to modernize large equipment dealer systems and processes and gain real-time visibility and access to sales and service data. Cloud-based, the solution centralizes and simplifies sales, equipment, and service management — bringing all data under one platform, where it can be leveraged to enhance efficiency and profits.

Through a robust workflow engine and mobile ready connectivity, Engage for Equipment Dealers arms dealerships with the actionable insights needed to more effectively manage operations, maximize sales and service opportunities, and enhance the customer journey. Benefits include:

  • Work smarter and faster
  • Focus on activities that generate the most revenue
  • Amplify post-sales and service revenue
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Better meet sales and revenue targets
  • Strengthen customer and vendor relationships
  • Integrating with Microsoft Dynamics 365 applications makes Engage for Equipment Dealers a cost-effective, scalable, low-risk way to implement new technology that will provide a huge competitive advantage to equipment dealers.