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bởi IDEA Digital Education

Digital STEM program from Kindergarten to Grade 12 & teacher training courses & ICT skills training

IDEA is an innovative technology company that has created global high quality interactive, data-driven, digital software, content and games for students, parents and teachers covering all grades and localised to each national education market. IDEA has developed a completely digital STEM program from Kindergarten to Grade 12 as well as teacher training courses and ICT skills development.

IDEA has created:
1. Over 27 800 animations, videos, images and audio files;
2. 34 000 pages of content;
3. 1 300 assessments;
4. 10 000 interactive activities.

The content is housed on IDEA's own adaptive content management system (CMS) which centralises the administration and content repository.

Each country's version is individually sequenced and aligned to the national syllabus.

Version 2.0 has been tested and audited by 5 Government departments.

The product stack consists of:

* MyIDEA : is a peer-to-peer, avatar-led, early childhood development numeracy and literacy program. Using everyday and discovery contexts, the literacy and numeracy units use animations, interactive activities and simple stories to teach reading and writing as well as counting and arithmetic.
* IDEA Primary : covers Grades 4-6 featuring Science, Mathematics, English, History and Geography using avatar-led, investigative, interactive and engaging animations to enable students to master the required curriculum.
* IDEA Secondary : is a learning tool for Science, English and Mathematics curriculums for Grades 7:12. IDEA integrates e-learning content with formative assessments, filmed laboratory experiments, a virtual laboratory, interactive 2D and 3D animations, diagrams, photographs, motion graphics and relevant case-studies.
* IDEA Tests : comprises Numeracy and Literacy, Science, English and Maths interactive assessments.
* IDEA Teach : is created specifically for educators and aims to build a culture of achievement, foster continual professional development and promote educational excellence. The IDEA Teach digital modules are founded on the latest pedagogical theories and include practical tools for new and expert teachers, heads of departments and school leaders.
* IDEA ICT : is an accredited solution for teachers or learners and has been created to be flexible to allow use of software and hardware, able to be used on varying learner management systems and devices. This tool is efficient in building digital teaching and learning practices for educators and students in the 21st century classroom.
* IDEA Parent : is an innovative tool that allows parents to better create an environment for their child in order to extend their educational outcomes.

THE IDEA CMS records every click:

1. Learning outcome
2. User data
3. Assessment reporting
4. Subject report
5. Comparative operations
6. Topic assessment
7. Baseline and summative.

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