Infosys Smart Solution for Water

bởi Infosys Ltd

Solution offers Real Time Water Monitoring, Water Waste distribution control & Maintenance

Infosys Smart Solution for Water can monitor multiple aspects of water utilization in an enterprise, help to correlate water consumption with sources of water (freshwater vs recycled water), provide projections on water bills and capture real time data from water meters, BMS systems and/or third-party systems where this data might reside. This solution can help building administrators, site survey personnel to:

  • Understand the trends of water utilization across an enterprise grouped by buildings, sites or units.
  • View water utilization demand and projections to ascertain how the organization is performing in terms of water sustainability.
  • Provide user friendly dashboards to view key metrics related to water consumption and real time water utilizations.
  • Generate real time alerts and notifications related to any abnormal data with probable causes (e.g., leakage).
Help an organization achieve cost savings in terms of water utilization, benchmark various locations in terms of water consumption, rank them and optionally set various targets for water consumption

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