iProov enables secure online identity verification using facial biometric authentication

iProov is the world leader in assuring the genuine presence of individuals online. Using facial biometric authentication, iProov is enabling governments, banks and other enterprises to remotely verify a person's identity. Visa applications, travel permits, medical record access, bank account creation and other processes that would normally require a customer to visit a physical branch or office can be done securely online using a computer or mobile device. 

What makes iProov unique is that it checks three things:

1. This person is the right person - a brief biometric illumination confirms that the individual's face matches the photo in their passport or other ID document

2.  This person is a real person - the illumination assures that the person doing the authentication is real, and not a mask or phone or video

3. This person is authenticating right now - iProov's unique patented technology checks that the authentication is taking place in real-time and is not a replay attack using deepfakes or other criminal spoof activity

Used for onboarding, logon and authentication, customers include the US Department of Homeland Security, the UK Home Office, the UK National Health Service (NHS), Eurostar, Rabobank, and ING. 

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