Luminate Demand Edge

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Boost customer service with less inventory

With market dynamics and customer service expectations increasing, forecasting holds the key to improved sustainability and higher customer service levels. Blue Yonder ingests hundreds of demand-driving variables and uses machine learning to provide a unique demand projection with calculated business impact and risk. This enables higher planner productivity, better inventory management and an improved understanding of demand drivers and customer behavior.
Faced with increased disruption and competition, companies today are under greater pressure to respond quickly and correctly to market changes – or risk sales and profit. Today’s forecasting solutions must be more predictive, more responsive and more capable of helping you deliver to your customers on time, while reducing inventory costs and out of stocks.
Blue Yonder forecasting harnesses the power of machine learning to help drive autonomous, probabilistic forecasts. Now you can gain the highest degree of automation, processing hundreds of internal and external demand signals and billions of data points to arrive at unbiased predictions that lead to more profitable business decisions. 
Forecasting is an important part of Blue Yonder’s Luminate™ Planning solution suite, integrating machine learning-based pervasive intelligence delivered in a SaaS environment on Microsoft Azure. With the ability to forecast independently or to augment an existing demand management solution, Blue Yonder forecasting adds increased accuracy over conventional forecasting methods. 
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