Internal requests: collect files, feedback and updates in a few clicks

Jetdocs is an application that makes internal requests easy. We get the right info, to the right people, on time.

You're chasing down information and sending multiple follow-ups, only to bug the person and have your projects delayed. Jetdocs for Microsoft Teams allows you to request, track and gather info from anyone inside & outside of your company. Get what you need faster, with fewer touchpoints and stay on task.

Typically, getting the information you need outside of your immediate team requires multiple follow up emails, has no due dates or tracking, and is difficult to share with your team. We make this day to day problem 50% faster by improving the transfer of information cross-team and cross-company.

Jetdocs is the perfect application for managers, directors, project coordinators - anyone who finds themselves asking others for information.

  • Accounting Firms (info related to expenses, audits, transactions, onboarding, busy season and client wide questions)
  • Consulting Firms (project information, expenses, travel)
  • Engineering & Construction (project management, transparency among stakeholders)
  • Government Agencies and Municipalities (cross-department information flows, project management)
  • Investment Banks (back-office, feedback on client resources)
  • Law Firms (deal and transaction information, marketing materials, info rollups)
  • Marketing Agencies (onboarding clients, client briefs, project updates and new campaign ideas)
  • Commercial Real Estate (tenant information, multiple stakeholder involvement)

Get the information you want, when you need it!

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