AIRRE- AI Complaint Management

bởi KBQuest Hong Kong Limited

AIRRE is an AI complaint management solution.

AIRRE is an AI complaint management solution. With the power of generative AI and Azure OpenAI GPT, customer enquiries and complaints are instantly turned into comprehensive reports that come with suggested context-based responses.

The end-to-end complaint-handling procedures are greatly fast-tracked, resulting in a significant reduction in operational process time and a great increase in customer satisfaction.

Business challenge:

  • Lengthy procedures are time-consuming when complaints come in 24/7 via various channels

  • Consume a huge demand for manpower

  • Long responding time impacts brand image

Key features and benefits of AIRRE:

  • Complaint summarization report containing all key information and classification for each incoming case will be generated instantly as soon as the complaint is received
  • Generate suggested responses based on case details to speed up the response time
  • Enhance operational efficiency by implementing case routing to ensure prompt handling by the appropriate departments
  • Hugely reduce the manpower and time used in the entire process which greatly improve the responding time
  • Solution can be implemented with a fast turnaround as there is no need of building from scratch with Generative AI models

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