Landlord Studio

Landlord Studio Limited

Innovative solution for Banks and Insurance Agencies to enhance risk models and generate new leads

Landlord Studio is a product designed to help DIY landlords manage their property portfolio. We integrate via open banking APIs to answer the number one question a landlord asks over and over again - Have I been paid my rent?

With Landlord Studio, we track rent payments and expenses and have a suite of tooling around this to further help make a landlord's life easier.

How does this benefit financial institutions?

Augmented Risk Model
Improve existing risk models with more data.

Create Brand Awareness
Whitelabel a valuable tool to improve brand perception.

Reduce Customer Churn
Create an easy way for clients to refinance or reinsure.

Enhanced Customer and Market Data
Further understand your clients portfolio.

Acquire New Customers
Get valuable insights on when mortgage or insurance is due to expire.

Over 75% of customers of a Tier 1 bank found this as a valuable offering when presented to them.

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