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MOOC for Office 365 training platform : provide digital support to support users with Microsoft 365

Tired of wasting time organizing training logistics according to the availability of your employees? Provide them with our easy, online training platform including pre-programmed live training dates. Log in, choose a content and a date and register!

MOOC (Massive Online Open Course) for Office 365 is a training and communication platform to discover the benefits and uses of Microsoft 365 and to accelerate its adoption.

Why choose the MOOC for Office 365?

  • Successful digital transformation: Rethink connections between employees, share information, meet mobility needs, and successfully develop Office 365.
  • Agility: Log in via your Office 365 account to an intuitive and fun platform. Gain unlimited access to content available at any time through a monthly subscription.
  • Adoption: Promote the adoption of Office 365, increase employee productivity, and accelerate the return on investment of IT projects.

A 100% digital and human training solution including :

  • Learning paths focused on jobs and topics: The platform includes over 100 courses and learning paths and is improved each month on Office 365 solutions.
  • Use case scenarios: The aim of these short videos is to get familiar with Office 365 products through daily situations. Users can thus have an overview of how these features are used concretely.
  • Video tutorials: These short videos are more technical and focus on Office 365 tools’ features. Over 1,000 videos are now available on the platform.
  • Free access web conferences with expert trainers: In each course, you can participate in a live training session remotely and interact with an Office 365 expert trainer.

Join the MOOC for Office 365 training platform like more than 3 000 companies

About Mandarine Academy

For 13 years, Mandarine Academy supports the digital transformation of companies by facilitating the use of new technologies by all employees. Thanks to an exclusive approach with a digital platform, Mandarine Academy offers a new way of training that is more effective in terms of skills, time, and budget.

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