mot-r | Legal Service Engine for Microsoft 365

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Empowers in-house legal to deliver the high-calibre service of big legal teams—without a big budget.

Benefits: A Better Way of Working for Legal Service Teams and Clients

As your Legal Service Engine, mot-r efficiently leverages SharePoint and Microsoft 365—technologies which your legal team already has—so that you can make quick and meaningful incremental improvements that cut wasted time, and free you to focus on your real work. mot-r will help your team avoid burnout, ugly surprises, and disrepute inherent in the way most legal service teams are currently operating.

mot-r smooths the legal service process from service request intake through to final signatures. Legal teams and their clients benefit from improved collaboration and coordination, process visibility, ease of access to documents, and a signature-status dashboard that lets you track what's signed and what's still out for signatures.

mot-r's clean user interface is a dashboard that gives users quick answers to the daily stressful questions. What needs to be done? Who is involved? Where do things stand? Where are all the relevant documents?

Key Features

  • Workflows
  • Boundary-Busting Collaboration
  • Self-Serve Service Requests
  • Notifications
  • Work History/Audit Trail
  • Analytics/Reporting

Key Competitive Differentiators

Secure, Single Source of Truth
Contracts and the transactions they represent are highly confidential and need to remain private and a single, uncorrupted source of truth. Unlike many other contract lifecycle management solutions, mot-r ensures documents aren't bounced between systems. Where multiple copies can lead to confusion and potential tampering, mot-r maintains security and a trustworthy single source of truth.

Quick Wins: Start Small, Scale
mot-r let's in-house legal teams improve how they work without the massive disruption of many competitive solutions. mot-r lets them start where they are and leverage resources they already have like SharePoint Online, to make an immediate impact by making meaningful, incremental changes to the way they work. Quick wins reduce waste, improve collaboration, and transparency. mot-r provides the ability to start small and scale (spreading the benefits to more processes and more client interactions.)

Custom-Solution Capabilities Without the Risk, Cost, or Time Delay
As a highly configurable legal service engine, mot-r gives you rapid time to value — without the risks, cost, and protracted development times needed for custom software development. Your legal services team will have the tools and system to start small, make quick wins, and scale. You'll benefit from improved operations flow, visibility, collaboration, and more. Better still, mot-r will be your springboard to expand improvements to other parts of your company—now and into the future.

Compounded Return on Investment: Avoid Dead-ends and Silos
Once deployed for contract lifecycle management, mot-r can seamlessly scale to include any type of legal workflow including request intake, subpoena management, conflict management, credential management, matter management, and more. Other solutions can wall you off from the organization—instead, mot-r opens doors to more possibilities. Your investment in SharePoint and mot-r will continue to compound over time.

One Minute Demo | Quick Answers to In-House Legal's Daily Questions

See how mot-r answers General Counsel's top 10 daily questions in just 60 seconds.

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