Chinafy Pro+ China Web Performance

bởi Notey Limited

Chinafy re-engineers and optimizes websites to achieve faster web performance in China.

Chinafy Pro+ Plan is best for robust sites built with platforms like WordPress, Adobe, Sitecore and other custom sites, sites requiring login or live streaming.

Chinafy’s platform accelerates, optimizes, and protects any internet property for delivery in China without adding hardware, manually modifying a line of code, or adding a new URL. By combining intelligent China-specific resource optimizations with a multi-load-balanced infrastructure, websites are able to achieve significant improvements in performance across the board. From pages fully rendering, to the entire site loading more consistently, Chinafied sites experience a decrease in bounce rates, an increase in usability, and an increase in conversions in a cost-effective, results-driven way. Headquartered in Hong Kong. Chinafy and its Partners respect the regulations and comply with the regulations of the Chinese government Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of MIIT and do not support sites that are currently inaccessible.

Enterprise options available under our Chinafy for Enterprise offer. 

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