FundsQ, the specialist Third-Party Risk Management for the fund management industry.

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FundsQ, due diligence in the simple way, speed ups your Third-Party Assessment.

How FundsQ can help you?

FundsQ offers you due diligence in the most

  • Simple
  • Secured
  • Collaborative way

Thanks to FundsQ powerful all-in-one online solution

  1. you centralise your service providers.
  2. you gain efficiency.
  3. you proactively deal with deadlines.
  4. you collaborate quickly and more effectively reducing time to market.
  5. you satisfy your auditors and the regulators.

Conducting due diligence on any delegate is a legal and mandatory obligation for all financial institutions. Reducing time and effort to perform state-of-the-art due diligence is a must.

  • FundsQ is a specialist Third-Party Risk Management platform for the fund management industry, simplifying processes so that you, as a client, can focus your time on decision-making.
  • FundsQ has a library of questions and models, allowing you to cover almost the full spectrum of your due diligence and embracing a large proportion of your Third-Party.
  • FundsQ has built a team of experienced professionals who can assist you with specific services during the entire due diligence process.
  • FundsQ enables you to focus on your critical strategic decisions, while the FundsQ Team supports you on the practical, day-to-day tasks, completing them quickly and efficiently. You save costs by avoiding the need to hire new full-time employees and gain an advantage by the consistent quality and uniformity in your Third-Party assessments.

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