Nuance Precision Imaging Network

bởi Nuance

Workflow integrated AI for imaging stakeholders

The Nuance Precision Imaging Network (PIN) is the only network of its kind and built on proven diagnostic imaging solutions used by over 80% of U.S. radiologists. With more than 10,000 connected healthcare facilities, it uses workflow integrated AI to deliver real‑time clinical intelligence to multiple imaging stakeholders.

Radiologist: Provides simplified access and connectivity to AI services with intelligent workflow integration that minimizes repetitive and mundane tasks and prioritizes key clinical findings, improving patient care.
Provider: Enables the ability to apply AI‑generated insights from diagnostic imaging to support earlier diagnosis and more informed treatment decisions while improving operating efficiency and throughput.
Health insurer: Improves payer‑provider collaboration to positively impact quality and cost, while enhancing care coordination using shared clinical data.
Pharma: Delivers more informed use of precision therapeutics and companion diagnostics by qualifying patients eligible for life‑enhancing treatments and clinical trials more quickly and efficiently.
Medical device: Produces robust AI image information creating valuable patient selection evidence for receiving a particular device or treatment, delivering better patient care, and improving quality of life.
Imaging AI developer: Offers a single API to connect AI models with imaging stakeholders via proven Nuance radiology applications.

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