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The digitalization of development, marketing and the operation of software and hardware solutions

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4zero is part of the P3 Group

Automating complicated tasks and finding and processing relevant signals in data are major challenges of the so-called Industry 4.0.

4zero solutions tackles these problems with seamless, quick and efficient, completely digital processing solutions.

We offer numerous digital solutions with four modules in the spotlight: Quality, Performance, Maintenance and Logistic. Lean back and expect services like:

  • fully digitalized defect identification and correction in the 3D model
  • workflow support and web-based analysis
  • evaluation tools
  • current output statistics
  • overall efficiency and visualized live monitoring
  • maintenance details and analysis for your productions
  • applications for an overview of the inventory
  • automated shortage warning

and many more ranging from the quality and efficiency of your plant to the current stock in your inventory.

Both manufacturers and suppliers benefit from our solutions by having the production processes improved with real-time data, analytics and insights to the shopfloor which also optimzes the production and ensures the quality.

4zero solutions also provides shop floor workers with the tools and information for improving efficiency and productivity e.g. machine performance and quality control.

Maintenance personnel benefit from 4zero´s solutions as well since potential problems can be identified before they occur which reduces downtime and increases the lifespan of machines.

Overall, from shopfloor to executive levels, everyone should take a break and let 4zero do the magic.

The solution will be deployed as Kubernetes Apps.

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