Continuous Monitoring Platform

bởi Pricewaterhousecoopers Accountants N.V.

The CMP automatically analyses processes, transactions and data for real-time control.

The Continuous Monitoring Platform (CMP) brings trust and real-time monitoring to all parts of your business. With CMP you are able to monitor a broad range of transactions, processes and master data. E.g. financial transactions, business processes, tax control frameworks, IT controls, GDPR controls and SoX.

“Real-time compliance monitoring”

Building trust in society and solving important problems is our purpose. That is exactly what we deliver to you with CMP. Organizations need to be more innovative. That’s why PwC created the CMP - which provides continuous insight, quality and speed - all of which delivers significant efficiency.

What is the Continuous Monitoring Platform?

  • CMP is a real time monitoring tool which provides trust;
  • CMP monitors transactions and data. We no longer use samples but monitor the full population;
  • CMP works for your entire organization providing monitoring across many processes;
  • CMP has an initial setup time of just 3 to 4 hours;
  • CMP is system / application independent.

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