Metro Process

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Automate processes, workflow and compliance and benefit from paperless digital operations with RMS

Metro Process is a range of automated and intelligent applications designed to help your business effortlessly adhere to legal or procedural requirements. With a range of apps such as Site Audits, Accidents & Incidents, Daily Checks, Petty Cash Management, and Sundries Ordering, each has been designed to provide visible compliance, workflow escalation, and budget management. Metro Process provides businesses with the following functionality:

    • Incidents/Accidents - a comprehensive module for the recording of incidents and accidents, including Image upload, witness statement capture, reporting and KPIs
    • Date Checking - Provision of product date reviews, quantity, mark-down actions/product placement and comprehensive reporting
    • Audits - A comprehensive store visit/audit function that captures Audit scores, corrective actions, dashboards, and reporting. Available in web and app formats.
    • Helpdesk - A comprehensive helpdesk/ticketing solution, that includes FAQs, Known Issues, Top Tips, SLA management, Ticket Merge, reporting and notifications.
    • Ordering - For all your sundries and 'not-for-sale' ordering. Supporting your own product catalogue. Includes Budget, max management and Reporting.
    • Equipment Checks - Everything required to manage 'time-critical' equipment checks, with range parameters and corrective steps. Includes inventory and availability of equipment. Meets all H&S standards.
    • Expenses - Expense claim function for redemption via payroll or petty cash. All calculations and reporting meet HMRC requirements.

  • Metro Process is integrated with Microsoft Azure and is optimised to reach audiences on the devices they use.

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