Manage Dynamics 365 Files with SharePoint


Efficiently Store and Manage Files by Integrating Dynamics 365 CRM to SharePoint on Connect iPaaS

You may run into issues of limited storage or increased license costs with Dynamics CRM. Have you considered streamlining CRM file management by uploading all CRM files on a centralized SharePoint repository? You can do this operation automatically without any manual efforts.
Companies turn to integration solutions such as Connect iPaaS to integrate Dynamics 365 to SharePoint. It syncs Dynamics with SharePoint periodically based on a polling period without any manual intervention.
This integration,
  • Saves Dynamics CRM storage costs
  • Activates Team Collaboration For Non-CRM Licensed Users
  • Allows Backups and Disaster Recovery
  • Enables Excellent Document Management
Create this integration in minutes for free without coding using the link below, which has Dynamics 365 CRM and SharePoint connectors already added - all you need to do is update your configurations as per your need, such as adding a specific filter to trigger the workflow or mapping the personalized data attributes.

Key functionalities:
  1. Create, run, and manage this integration without any coding. 
  2. Simple and easy-to-use UX.
  3. Select polling intervals of when you'd like to update your SharePoint.
  4. Choose entity types from your Dynamics 365 CRM to process events from and filter these events.
  5. Selectively choose the events of interest to be processed by the action by applying criteria on the attributes or data fields of the event being processed. This is similar to applying And/Or conditions using more than one criterion.
  6. Perform basic data mapping and transformation using simple drag-and-drop functionalities, along with advanced transformation using Microsoft Excel-style functions and more. 
  7. Set up notification alerts to your email or mobile phone for managing this workflow.
  8. Pause, edit, or share this integration recipe along with all of your other integration recipes on the Manage dashboard.
  9. Observe event data and execution reports of your integration workflows, along with details to see what is happening in real-time 
  10. Unlimited API calls and transactions can be performed with this integration, even with your free trial.
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