ShortPoint For Microsoft Teams

ShortPoint FZCO

Powerful & Flexible App to collaborate much more easily within your Microsoft Teams!

We work with the Teams platform to improve the way content is presented. We equip organizations and their teams with a design extension that helps create effective and engaging Teams Tabs. We help make resources and data already available within the organization’s Office 365 environment accessible and present them in a design that catches attention, practical, and value-adding.

By using ShortPoint’s intuitive and easy-to-build design elements and features, the team is able to display content that is most important and helps them focus on collaborative and productive work to achieve their deliverables and ultimately the organization’s goals.

Extends your environment with 60+ Design Elements & Tons of features:

60+ Elements

Tiles, Tabs, Animation, Background videos, Toggle, Accordions and many others.


Connects with all your contents within seconds

Live Preview

Preview ShortPoint look before adding it to your website page

Responsive Layouts

Create nice page structures using different columns layouts.


You can easily copy every design element and paste it everywhere you want.

Spacing and Visibility

Control spacing between elements and how to present content on any device.

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