VIrtual Mental Health Care for the workforce

How Snapclarity delivers a different mental healthcare experience

Our platform supports employees along the entire mental health continuum, from well-being promotion to intervention and care. 

Snapclarity collects information based on an individual’s symptoms, severity, and preferences - and intelligently matches them to the right care - via self-care apps, a digital coach, a care team, and one-on-one work with a mental health therapist. 

With our complete care services and flexible plan designs, Snapclarity has you covered. Access evidence-based mental healthcare for many scenarios with:  

  • Virtual mental health coaching

  • Evidence-based therapy

  • Medication management

  • Critical incident support

  • Manager training

  • Work-life service

Transforming the employee mental healthcare experience

Empower your employees with a modern mental wellness solution that brings together one connected care experience that actively engages employees, boosts participation, and expedites return-to-work with a proven approach. 

Enjoy better health outcomes with the right investment in your employees

The well-being crisis in our workplaces is an urgent issue and the wellness of your employees is about more than just doing the right thing. It makes good business sense. Snapclarity's integrated, connected mental health platform engages individuals early, encourages active participation, improves their overall well-being, and makes understanding and paying for care effortless. 

We take care of it all. From admin training to the employee launch strategy, we keep your employees engaged throughout their journey to wellness. Our integrated analytics and insight into care help you see how your plans and programs impact your employees every day. 

Transform your benefits and bottom line with a holistic mental well-being program that is the right investment for your employees.

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