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OPTUMERA™: AI Powered Retail Strategic Intelligence Platform

TCS Optumera™ is an award-winning AI Powered Retail Strategic Intelligence Platform reshaping the retail paradigm with self-learning and multi-dimensional concurrent optimization. With integrated, hyper-localized, always-on optimization, the platform enables retailers to drive exponential value through integrated business decisions across the retail value chain including areas such as space, assortment, pricing, promotion, supply chain, stores and many more.

By turning data into a critical and competitive resource, the platform helps retailers answer key strategic questions like how to increase sales and margin, where are the opportunities to reduce costs, how to effectively manage operations, and what new revenue sources can be identified. Before providing personalized and actionable insights, Optumera analyzes 1000+ factors like competition, weather, store traffic, local events, and trends that impacts business KPIs. Based on the decomposition of sales-driving factors, it then identifies sales, margin and cost opportunities, and recommends valuable shifts in merchandising and supply chain levers. Its white box approach helps business users understand the ‘why’ behind each recommendation.

By augmenting user’s intuition and creativity with AI models, Optumera allows users to simulate multiple scenarios and experiment before formulating strategies, thereby driving market competitiveness and customer delight. The platform is built for scale and employs robust proven AI models, machine learning algorithms and deep learning techniques, on a big data platform, to model customer behavior, preempt competition strategies, identify growth opportunities and provide optimized recommendations.

Leading Global Retailers who used their data as a strategic asset with Optumera, have seen 3-5% increase in sales, 30%-50% reduction in time spent, 5x strategies and 20-30% reduction in costs.

It includes:

  • Macro Space Optimization: Optimal space recommendations through consolidated always-on analysis of key retail functions like assortment, price and supply chain and customer analytics.

  • Unified Price, Promotion and Markdown Optimization: Integration of price, promotion and markdown decisions identifying surgical margin and sales growth opportunities across channels.
  • Omnichannel assortment optimization: Space-sensitive localization, SKU rationalization with demand transferability, customer choice sets and decision tree, and competitive assortment to complete customers basket across channels.
  • Fashion assortment: Prediction of new-arrivals success, fixing of accurate prices using computer vision, and identification of the right mix of products by studying attributes, images and trends to drive sales and profitability.
  • Self-learning supply chain: Multi-dimensional concurrent optimization across supply chain KPIs, real time computation of replenishment plans, forecasting and dynamically tuned replenishment parameters aligned with business context resulting in seamless execution of replenishment orders.

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