Free Advisory Azure CIO: 1-Hr Assessment

Alfaro & Hernández IT Corporation ITCO, S.A.

Itco from the hand of experts in technology platforms such as Azure and Office 365 offers free training for the development of skills in these areas. Be part of this change

Expand your knowledge for FREE with our Cloud Academy courses! Cloud Academy is a technological platform that offers free training in Azure and Office 365 through Microsoft Teams for the development of skills in these areas, the classes are taught totally FREE by experts in these topics. At the end of our courses, we award certificates of attendance and provide the recorded classes to the public on our website. Users who benefit from our offer to professionals in the IT area of companies, in order to educate potential consumers of these services so that they can put them into practice in their companies and optimize their work environment and work processes. Likewise, Itco provides consulting services on all the issues we present. Available for: Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Nicaragua. Needs or problems of the client that the offer solves: In one hour of training, all participants will be able to expand their knowledge of Azure, Dynamics 365, Power BI, Power Apps, and Office 365.

  1. Personal and economic academic growth. 2.Greater demand and better jobs. 3.Create your own business with more exclusive clients. 4.Implement new work tools in your position. 5.All our courses have a duration of 1 hour. 6.Build your own business with more exclusive clients. 7.Implement new work tools in your position. Knowledge, technical and practical developments that help to optimize companies and work environments. Quick access to information, and simplify tasks. Access to multiple sources of knowledge. Promote innovation. Boost entrepreneurship. Facilitates communication and access to education. It contributes to the efficiency of other sectors, such as transport. Improves administrative and industrial processes. Stimulates the early development of creativity and technical skills. Create new sources of employment.