Argano Data Insights

Argano LLC

Accelerate your analytics transformation and drive better business decisions by empowering your organization with real-time actionable data

Argano Data Insights (ADI) is a complete, pre-configured business intelligence and data warehouse solution with template catalog of Microsoft Power BI reports, Azure DB and Azure Data Factory that turns data into actionable insights. Empower your entire organization to tap into relevant, real-time business data to identify requirements, monitor trends, troubleshoot problems, or seize opportunities as soon as they develop. Our unique solution eliminates time-consuming BI complexity while also extending and enhancing Power BI functionality. By combining data, processes, and technology, Argano experts will help you identify ways for your business to compete effectively and establish the strong foundation needed to address challenges and drive growth across your organization.

Modules include Finance, Sales, Procurement, Project Management and Accounting, Inventory and Manufacturing and more. Pricing as listed is dependent on the number of modules or business processes to be included in the implementation. Furthermore, Argano's delivery of ADI's measurements/KPIs will drive business decisions, like making material improvements to specific business processes, which is why Argano approaches BI in an iterative/agile approach, exposing new (and unforeseen) opportunities to gain insights after each iteration.

Designed using the Kimball Star Schema approach, ADI can pull most data from anywhere:

  • Microsoft Dynamics legacy applications
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance, Sales, and Field Service
  • Microsoft Office, Outlook, and SQL
  • And many other data sources!

Our delivery of ADI drives intuitive business decisions, like making material improvements to specific business processes to expose hidden opportunities. Kickstart your predictive analytics journey and move from collecting information into taking action. Benefit from the ability to:

  • Act on new data in real-time: ADI refreshes every few minutes, ensuring that only timely, actionable data is presented
  • Enjoy more control and reduce costs: Open architecture, built 100% on Microsoft Azure — not a "black box" solution
  • Get started quickly: ADI is engineered for rapid implementation — what once took months can now only days