Microsoft Viva: 2-Days Assessment


Enhance your employee experience and engagement with Microsoft Viva

The new application Microsoft Viva is an organizing layer of employee experiences powered by Microsoft 365. Microsoft Viva positions as an Employee Experience Platform, bringing together tools into one solution - Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Viva consists of four modules, and each can be used and purchased independently:

  1. Connections - amplify culture and communications
  2. Insights - balance productivity and wellbeing
  3. Learning - accelerate skill-building and growth
  4. Topics - harness knowledge and expertise

It delivers personalized and actionable insights and offers trustful privacy and security. Organizations need this for hiring people (onboarding, checks, training) and connecting people (f.e. first-line workers). If you are interested in a central collaboration platform for your company with features like Microsoft Viva offers, contact us and our IT-consultants and Microsoft 365 experts help you orient and get ready in a 2-Day Assessment for Microsoft Viva.