Avanade Modern Sec Ops FY24

Avanade, Inc.

To deal with today’s cyber threats we develop a modern based soc approach on Microsoft Sentinel delivering a robust solution to allow early detection of attacks, advanced analysis of security incident

Organizations are struggling to validate and prioritize threats, with more and more day-to-day alerts in the environment going unattended due to ever-changing pressures:

• Expanding Threat Surface - With increasing digital adoption, connected workplace and remote workforce the threat surface continually expands.

• Complex and Evolving Tech - Too many tools to select from with complex integration to develop a robust security platform.

• Too much noise - Huge rate of alerts and false-positives, resulting in lack of validation and prioritization

• Sophisticated Attacks - Complex attacks backed by nation states leveraging advanced tactics, techniques, and procedures.

Our Differentiated Services

Migrate to & manage Microsoft Sentinel - we help clients to onboard and connect services to Microsoft Sentinel to protect, detect, and respond to threats for the entire Microsoft Platform and extended security landscape.

• Key outcome: Set and manage the right security configurations across the Microsoft platform to ensure the best protection for customers. Cost effective security monitoring at scale using Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Security Copilot Integration - Assess readiness for organization, pilot Security Copilot, upskill your existing security champions.

• Key outcome: Microsoft Security Copilot, customers reported saving up to 40 percent of their security analysts’ time on foundational tasks like investigation and response, threat hunting, and threat intelligence assessments

Managed Cloud & Infrastructure Security - Leverage managed cloud security to operate cost-effectively and securely at scale.

• Key outcome: Global 24/7 Managed Security Services, simplicity, and ability to scale.

The business results we drive:

• Protect against advanced threats and attacks and leverage the power of the Microsoft’s advanced cybersecurity capabilities such as automated remediation and predictive threat intelligence. This enables clients to optimize their SOC.

• Provide additional security and visibility for recently deployed services and infrastructure. A key focus is protecting endpoints from Ransomware.

• Augment the Cybersoc team’s capability with advanced analysis to prioritize on the right issues.

• Assess and mitigate potential vulnerabilities that the client isn’t aware of within their environment. Enable Secure Collaboration and prevent phishing.

• Runbooks and use cases built dynamically based on client's business context and priorities.

*Pricing will vary based on the scope of the engagement.”