Analyze the traffic of your social networks and the leads it is generating, monitor all your social networks in a single dashboard with Power BI and mesure the return on your marketing investment.

With the Social Media by BertIA solution you will be able to analyze if your investment in internet marketing is paying off for you and your customers. for both you and your customers, by knowing how users' interactions and contacts with your business pages and accounts are behaving. Combine data from all the social networks you use with data from your own systems to see if your social media investment is giving the return you expected for your business. You will be able to know information about users, interactions, likes, comments, followers, impressions, subscriptions and all the indicators you need. The Social Media by BertIA solution allows you to obtain data from any social network: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube etc. with Power BI you will have all your data in a single unified dashboard leaving behind the need to access multiple portals and being able to compare indicators from different social networks on a single screen. The visual representation of all information is built in Power BI, which makes it possible to integrate multiple technologies into the solution and allows for powerful, visual and multi-device dashboards in the best analytics tool on the market.