Dynamics 365 Finance: Project Management Office (PMO) Service 1-Wk Implementation

Calsoft Systems

Ensure your implementation is a success with expert project management support for your steering committee or project leaders. Gain control over variables, identify risks and meet project objectives.

Strong project management is an important factor in the success of your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management implementation. Insufficient project management is often the reason behind failed ERP implementations.

But the reality is, companies implement an ERP once every 5-10 years at most, so they wouldn't have an in-house PM. Instead, this job falls on the shoulders of employees with other roles.

This is why Calsoft recommends that clients establish a project management office (PMO). This service provides experienced, short-term project management resources that help you prioritize tasks, minimize delays, identify risks and boost morale for your ERP investment.

About Calsoft's ERP project management

PMBOK is a methodology for all projects types, but Microsoft Dynamic’s Sure Step specializes in Dynamics projects. Calsoft has completed 300+ ERP implementations using Sure Step, building upon and finetuning this conceptual methodology for optimal results on actual projects.

Our knowledge is expansive, while our experience brings depth to our solution designs that customers love. We've worked with various industries and company sizes, applying our know-how to benefit customers by helping them avoid common missteps in their sectors early in the process and complete projects successfully.

Calsoft offers two service types:

  • PMO Service:We fulfill the roles of 1) advisor to your steering committee and 2) project manager.
  • IT Project Manager Assistance Service:We fulfill the role of project manager assistant and support your business units by conducting project tasks such as user acceptance testing.

Project is based on scope of work. Avg PMO service has been 3 months.

About Calsoft Systems:

  • Microsoft-focused expertise for 25+ years. 300+ ERP projects. 95+% customer satisfaction rate.
  • Dynamics 365 Gold Partner. 2020 Microsoft US Partner Award Winner for Business Central.