Adoption & Change Management: 10-wk Implementation

Campana & Schott GmbH

Your way to successful implementation and adoption of the modern workplace based on Microsoft 365

The ability of an organization to change is one of the most important success factors today. Positive results of change processes are achieved when projects and programs are supported by employees who are willing to anchor the new behaviours in their daily business. Campana & Schott advises and supports both complex corporate changes and smaller projects with the right change management approach. Together with you, we ensure that the jointly developed measures for adopting and anchoring your modern workplace built on Microsoft 365 are consistently implemented for stakeholders and affected areas and new work behaviors are anchored.


Experience: We show you what opportunities modern technologies actually offer. Experience the workplace of the future up close with us and how to establish a sustainable change management in your organization.

Use Case: Together with you, we define and prioritise the use cases that are most important to you and your colleagues. In this way, we focus on the measures that generate the greatest added value for your business.

Roadmap: We plan the specific steps towards your Modern Workplace Microsoft with you. Together with our experienced experts, we develop the roadmap for the right change management measures.

Stakeholder: The introduction of the Modern Workplace is only successful in the long term if the specialist departments are involved at an early stage. Together with you, we identify the key stakeholders who are necessary for the successful implementation of the project.


  • Cultural Assessment
  • Adoption & Change Management Strategy
  • High-Level Communication Plan
  • High-Level Training Plan for Microsoft 365 Tools and relevant use cases
  • Roadmap for adoption & change management activities aligned with your technical Microsoft 365 implementation roadmap
  •   Build a Sustainability Community