Frontline Worker: 4-week assessment

Campana & Schott GmbH

The Modern Work Frontline Launchpad is a compact analysis project. Use case workshops, technical assessments, implementation roadmap and optional PoC guide the customer the right way forward.

The compact 4-weeks Launchpad helps customers to take the right first steps within their Frontline Modern Work initiative with Microsoft Teams and Power Platform. It includes three steps: (1) Envisioning & Use Cases, (2) Technical Assessment and (3) Roadmap.

The goals, benefits and deliverables for each step are described below:

(1) Envisioning & Use Cases

Goal: In a workshop we discuss what use cases are relevant and how the Microsoft Teams and Power Platform capabilities covers them. As a result, you have a first idea how to integrate your Frontline workers in your Modern Workplace


  • Use case heatmap (quick wins vs. big ones)
  • Use case and tool mapping
  • Comparison with other Frontline solutions (e.g. staffbase)

(2) Technical Assessment Goal: In a workshop we discuss the relevant IT questions: Device strategy, network & infrastructure, security, identity and compliance.
As a result, you know the necessary steps on IT side.


  • Assessment results
  • IT roadmap
  • Handout with further recommendations and impulses

(3) Roadmap Goal: We propose an implementation roadmap reflecting the business value creation and technical dependencies. As a result, the roadmap is validated both from business an IT perspective.


  • Implementation roadmap
  • Recommendations and success factors
  • Risks and dependencies
  • Effort estimation

Optionally, the customer can extend with an optional PoC. We recommend to implement the first use case to create a tangible solution. As a result, you get your own working solution to showcase in your organization.


  • Deployed PoC solution
  • Support to set up Tenant and Azure environment (if required)