Microsoft VIVA 360°: 10-Wk Implementataion

Campana & Schott GmbH

Enhance your employee experience with Microsoft VIVA

Campana & Schott accompanies enterprises and their employees holistically in their leadership & culture journey with envisioning, conception, introduction and implementation of Microsoft VIVA Glint, Pulse, Insights, Topics, Connections, Learning, Skills, Goals and Engage to create a sticky and productive work environment. No matter if you want to start with all VIVA elements or even one, we have the right approach and know how to guide you through the employee experience journey. And even if you face a challenge like a merger or need to become more innovative and increase change-affinity but do not yet know how to tackle this from an organizational standpoint, we are there to support you with the most effective measures.


Viva Advisory Readiness: People-centered high-performance consulting services. We deliver services to thrive your culture & leadership:

  1. Purpose alignment
  2. Readiness assessment
  3. Use case roadmap
  4. Business case calculation
  5. Management presentation

VIVA Modul Implementation:

1.    Envisioning, Strategy Development & Roadmap: Kick-start your culture & leadership journey from an organization standpoint. And ignite on the possibilities of modern collaboration & communication toolsets and develop the appropriate strategy including business case and roadmap for the future of work – considering individual requirements, use cases, economic efficiency, best practices, etc.

Outcome: Statement of Work and strategy on how to evolve your culture & leadership and bring Microsoft VIVA into an efficient usage for your company.

2.    Microsoft VIVA Implementation: Based on the results and prioritization of the strategy project we jointly implement the VIVA elements incl. rollout planning

Outcome: VIVA deployment from a single trusted advisor.

3.    Adoption & Change Management: The successful anchoring of Microsoft VIVA in the company is achieved by high expertise in Adoption and Change Management, our profound technological know-how as well as the extensive experience from past pro-jects how to create sticky and sustainable employee experiences.

Outcome: Get the maximum of your investment in Microsoft 365.

4.    Support & Operations: The Campana & Schott Service Desk supports you to operate VIVA and the whole Microsoft 365 environment.

Outcome: Sustainable operations of your environment.

Please contact us to align on the scope and get an individual proposal from us.