Modern Workplace Advisory Services: Briefing

Capgemini Group

Modern Workplace Advisory Services – Unlocking value through workplace transformation

Capgemini's Modern Workplace Advisory Services support clients on their Microsoft 365 - based transformation to get the most value from their investment by driving collaboration, in-creasing productivity, and enhancing colleague experience . This approach addresses human, technology and organisational factors to overcome barriers to change by leveraging the following capabilities:

  • Strategy and operating model advisory: Capgemini supports organisations setting their ambition, analysing the current use of workplace solutions and articulating the case for investment in Microsoft-based solutions.
  • Workplace experience and adoption: Capgemini helps clients understand and use col-league experience metrics and insights to measure adoption and success. This helps or-ganisations link the metrics with benefits to be realised, providing transparency and alignment with overall business benefits.
  • Modern ways of working and productivity: Capgemini assists clients in articulating the ways of working that realise and optimise the value of the investment. This is done by driving behavioural change campaigns based on Capgemini’s catalogue of use cases.
  • Data and technology enablement: given the impact of data and technology, Capgemini supports organisations upfront and throughout the transformation to make informed decisions on the art of the possible, with awareness of the technical limitations the clients face.
  • Labs and accelerators: Capgemini facilitates the innovation journey of our clients to prove the value and accelerate workplace solutions.

As an initial touchpoint, we offer a 2-hour free briefing call to introduce our capabilities and understand your organisational needs. This briefing includes:

  • Identifying what is on your radar to spot organisational challenges and the technological pain points
  • Introduction our core capabilities and methods
  • Demo of our accelerators

The terms, conditions, duration and pricing of any subsequent engagement after the briefing session will vary depending on client needs.


  1. Improved collaboration through adoption of Microsoft 365 solutions
  2. Increased productivity through newer ways of working
  3. Enhanced colleague experience
  4. Reduced attrition
  5. Strategic alignment between Modern Workplace initiatives and business strategy
  6. Driving buy-in and sponsorship with defined benefits and expectations
  7. Resilient, secure and sustainable infrastructure that mitigates risks
  8. Faster decision-making through unified data ecosystem