Viva Goals Employee Experience Engagement: 1Month Proof of Concept

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Seamlessly track goals and progress with Microsoft Viva Goals—a management solution that aligns teams to the organization’s goal to drive clarity & transparency around the objectives and key results.

Microsoft Viva Goals: A Goal-Alignment Solution to Help Teams Align Around Priorities

Magic happens when teams come together for a common purpose and align on strategic objectives. Finding a purpose and staying aligned, however, is more difficult to do than to say. Siloed goals, ambiguous ownership, and vague metrics impede progress and make it difficult to make a real difference.

Here comes Microsoft Viva Goals, a goal-setting and management solution that makes it simpler to connect employees with your business's goals and priorities. Using Viva Goals, teams define shared objectives and update progress, right in the flow of work. Moreover, to accomplish this, it leverages the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework.

OKR is a management system that aligns your entire organization to strategy, changing the focus from outputs - the work your team does every day - to outcomes. This mentality shift makes your team highly engaged and understands how they are contributing to the overall goal. Having said that, Viva Goals empowers teams and companies to drive results and a thriving business. Moving further, let’s highlight the key benefits of this goal management solution from Microsoft.

Benefits for Employees: -Employees enjoy and find purpose in their work -They receive fair compensation -Setting clear, attainable goals simplifies daily work -Employees receive necessary decisions faster -Teamwork improves, work groups become more cohesive

Benefits for Enterprises: -Companies can incorporate employee demands and ambitions into their own objectives -OKRs with Viva Goals help identify and get rid of wasteful procedures -The agile enterprise can dynamically alter goals at any time -Quicken the pace of decision-making and adaption inside the organization -Boosts efficiency, competitiveness, and motivation

Key Capabilities:

  • Integrate data from across the organization Seamlessly sync data to Viva Goals from a wide range of systems: databases (MySQL, SQL Server, Snowflake), business intelligence services like Tableau, planning & issue tracking services like Zendesk, CRM & sales tracking services like Salesforce.

 Power BI Data Integration View milestones and targets; obtain a heatmap that displays outliers at various levels of the hierarchy so you know what to focus on.

  • Contextual Data with Notes Apart from tracking progress automatically, the owners of OKRs can also comment on how the goals are progressing, and if the numbers do not provide a full picture, they might manually score the results.

  • Built-in Notifications Receive alerts for goals that started later than expected, as well as when you haven't defined any critical results or have defined too many. Also, you get warnings for too easy objectives, as the score doesn't just reflect your ability to achieve the goal, but also how helpful the goal was. Why Celebal Technologies? Celebal Technologies can help your organization rapidly build and sustain your OKR program. Our team will work with you to: -Demonstrate the value of OKRs and build internal buy-in -Create an OKR playbook that charts a course for long-term success -Train OKR champions to help scale your OKR program -Write powerful, outcome focused OKRs -Implement Viva Goals software and onboard users

Get started today with Microsoft Viva Goals -Define success by creating OKRs from scratch or with built-in templates -Focus discussions, provide context and simplify reporting with custom dashboards and OKRs that dynamically update -Stay in the flow of work with the Viva Goals app in Teams and Azure Dev Ops

How Celebal Technologies can help you in your journey: